Debt recovery

As a firm we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in both property law and property management.

Add to this our focus on recovering only this type of debt and the result is a unique approach which is highly successful, efficient and cost effective.

In the majority of cases the cost to the client in using this service is nil. Most leases will provide for the recovery of these fees from the defaulting lessee.

We understand the need for recovering clients’ arrears in a fast and efficient manner. Many of the arrears we recover are on receipt of our first letter.

The fact that matters have escalated to the instruction of professionals is often enough to prompt payment.

Should you require the matter to go to court we are skilled in drafting and issuing the relevant documentation and managing all non contentious claims through to conclusion.

Where matters are more complicated or disputes arise we are able to provide further advice and guidance.

For more details on this, or to instruct us, please call 0844 8099 588 or email


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