About Chace Legal

Chace Legal is a specialist legal services firm providing complete and practical support to the residential property management sector. Our core areas of business are debt recovery and company secretarial services.

The firm was founded to assist the property management industry by providing a cost-effective alternative to using solicitors to recover arrears in ground rent and service charges. In response to client demand we have grown to include company secretarial services and property management company consultancy.

Our aim has always been to excel in providing quality, effective and efficient support to our clients, irrespective of their size. We focus on being the business of choice through a reputation for excellence and success. Our clients tell us they recognise and value this.

The clients we work for are typically in the block-management industry and include managing agents, landlords, developers, independent resident’s associations and management companies.


Myth busters: A pearson is only liable to pay their share of a jointly and severally liable debt….
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It may seem logically that if you own a property with someone under a ‘joint tenancy’ that you will only
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